Thursday, June 20, 2013

1979 Capri Cyclone sailboat - $650 (Tempe, Arizona)

Also posted about "1 month ago" at Smart Boat Guide, with photos,
"1979 Capri Cyclone 13' Cat-Rigged Dinghy Highlander trailer This Cyclone 13' sailboat is two tone color, blue and white, 4' 11" beam, daggerboard and 79 sq ft sail with sailbag. The boat, trailer, daggerboard, helm and sail are in good condition with normal wear and tear for a 1979 sailboat and can sail as-is, but needs tender loving care, mostly cosmetic repairs. Fiberglass appears to be in good condition, There are no fiberglass soft spots. All the wood on this boat (there is not a lot of wood) is in decent shape. The boom and two-part mast are in excellent condition. Daggerboard is in excellent condition. All the present running rigging is useable. The helm has a retractable rudder and tiller with extension and is in excellent condition. Main sail is reefable and in good condition. Batten pockets appear to be in good condition. The Highlander trailer with 1 7/8" ball has lights installed and BRAND NEW TIRES.. Includes Cyclone specific Owners manual from Capri. This boat is being sold by the Arizona Youth Outreach Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)3 (pending) organization. This Cyclone 13 was donated to our children's sailing program and has gone un-used. We are selling..."
in Tempe, Arizona.

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